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How to View This Website Optimally

Browser Requirements

This website is optimized to run on recent generation Web Browsers capable of correctly interpreting Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).  These include recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.  For those interested, our CSS stylesheet may be viewed and optionally refreshed here.

Please be sure that JavaScript is turned on.  If some images do not display, such as the logo images at the bottom of this page, it may help to turn off ad blocking in your Internet security program.  To follow the icon linking to the W3C HTML validation routine, you may need to turn off the blocking of sending private header information by your Internet security program.

If the following do not display as English or European language characters and familiar symbols, you may need to change your browser's character encoding: 

à á â ã ä å À Á Â Ã Ä Å æ Æ ç Ç
è é ê ë È É Ê Ë ð Ð ì í î ï Ì Í Î Ï ñ Ñ
ò ó ô ö ø õ Ò Ó Ô Ö Ø Õ ß þ Þ
ù ú û ü Ü Ù Ú Û Ü ý ÿ Ý Ÿ 
© ± ♭ ♯ ’ ‘ — –

For example, in Firefox set View > Character Encoding to "Western (ISO-8859-1)", which is our website's preferred character encoding, or in some cases to Unicode (UTF-8).

Monitor Requirements

Monitor resolution should be 1024x768 or greater—800x600 is marginal.  The many color photographs present are optimally viewed on monitors capable of displaying in true color (i.e., millions of colors).

Bandwidth Requirements

Many of the files available on this website are large and download slowly over slow connection.  In addition to software downloads, this is also true for certain multimedia files such as MP3 and JPG files.

Security And Privacy Policy

We do not wish to cause you any privacy or security concerns, and adhere to the following policies:


We place no cookies on your computer. 

Java, ActiveX, Script Programs, etc.

We do not require or utilize Java or ActiveX controls.  However, we use JavaScript for page redirection, opening requested side windows, etc., so you should have it turned on.

Data Gathering and Retention

We do not gather any private information about you and we will not furnish any personal information you send to us to any third party without your permission. 

Privacy Regarding Program Inquiries

When users of my programs or databases ask a question on how to make the program or database perform properly, I often include these questions and my responses in the user's manual, the Readme file, or other help files for the specific programs etc. This is intended to benefit other users of these programs.  However, I remove all personal information so that the originator of the question cannot be identified and the response is generic. 

Program Reliability and Safety

In developing software offered on this web site, I have strived to prevent the introduction of potentially harmful or unexpected behaviors or viral infections.  No software on this website intentionally includes any adware or spyware.  However, all downloadable files, databases, and programs are provided as-is and without warranty, explicit or implicit.

Copyright Information

Images We Have Created 

All photographs and art works or graphics that we have created and placed on this website are copyrighted and may not be used for commercial purposes or on other websites without permission of the photographer or artist.  If persons are included in the image, the subjects should also be asked for permission where feasible.

Images We Have Obtained From Other Sites

Photographic images, graphics, and texts that we have downloaded from other sites should be used only with proper acknowledgement of the original source and in accordance with copyright information stated at the site of origin.  

Computer Programs and Databases

All computer software and databases provided on this website have been created and developed by Michael McGoodwin (MCM) unless otherwise indicated, and are copyrighted freeware for noncommercial use only.  Please see the individual webpages for more detailed descriptions regarding copyright, mechanism for licensing commercial use, etc.

Summaries of Copyrighted Books and Other Original Articles

All summaries and original articles on this website are copyrighted and may be used for noncommercial uses only.  Summaries of copyrighted books written by outside authors are presented as helpful guides to reading and learning about the books indicated, and are not intended to circumvent your purchasing the books.  We have attempted to ensure that all summaries of books under copyright fall within fair use guidlelines.  If you are an author and believe otherwise, please let us know.

The McGoodwin.NET Logo

The McGoodwin.NET logo incorporates our original vector graphics rendition of the Trillium ovatum, a lovely but increasingly rare flower found in the woods of the Pacific Northwest.  It is one of the earliest woodland flowers to appear in the spring.  It is also known as the coast trillium, or more colorfully as the Western Wake Robin (because it "wakes" the robins in the spring).  We are always pleased to encounter one of these jewels of the forest.

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