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VG Screen Saver Program Manual


VG Screen Saver is a literate/literary screen saver for people who cherish the written word.  It has been written as a labor of love to celebrate great writings of the world, and intentionally contains no flashy non-textual graphics that would distract from the text itself. When first installed, the default quotes database (file VGScrSvr.MD3) is essentially empty of quotes—however, the user may either 

VG Screen Saver displays these "quotes" (or other textual material of your choice) in a variety of routines, fonts, font sizes, and colors. Quotes may be quite long—they may be up to about 32,000 characters each.  For comparison, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam is about 15,402 characters long. The user may add to, edit, or delete any quotes in the quotes database (see below). 

VG Screen Saver has been developed in Visual Basic 6 and Access 97.


Operating System

VG Screen Saver was originally designed and tested in Windows NT 4.0, and runs successfully in that operating system.  However, starting with version 5.0, it also runs satisfactorily in Windows XP (the minor exception being that occassionally it may not capture keystrokes properly and termination of the screen saver requires moving the mouse).  The current version probably runs in Windows 2000 but has not been specifically tested in that OS or in more recent versions of Windows.

Screen Resolution

VG Screen Saver prefers a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 but will run at lower resolutions.



If you are reinstalling VG Screen Saver and have made modifications to the quotes database (VGScrSvr.MD3) that you wish to retain instead of using the (empty) version of the quotes database that will be installed, do the following:

(1) Rename your current copy of VGScrSvr.MD3 to VGScrSvr.KEEP 
(2) Install the latest version of VG Screen Saver as described above 
(3) Delete the new copy of VGScrSvr.MD3 and rename VGScrSvr.KEEP back to VGScrSvr.MD3.

After taking the above steps if applicable, follow the instructions for UN-INSTALLATION (below).



Read the opening screen while the screen saver is running for additional information on HotKeys and other features available.  

Special HotKeys

You may also press F1 for a summary of the many hot-keys available while the screen saver is displaying quotes. Here are the available hotkeys:

Key Combination Action
F1 Show the available HotKeys (this list)
Space Start New Quote
Up Arrow Slow Down Temporarily (this quote only)
Shift-Up Arrow Slow Down (until screen saver exits)
Down Arrow Speed Up Temporarily (this quote only)
Shift-Down Arrow Speed Up (until screen saver exits)
Ctrl Pause (Freeze Display)
C Configure VG Screen Saver
N User may specify Numeric QuoteID and optionally, (after a comma) the routine to display
P Display Previous quote
R Restart Current Quote
T Show Title, Author, QuoteID, and Font Face
Press Omit This Font to prevent future display of the current font face.
Esc or Alt Exit Screen Saver

The screen saver intentionally does not terminate by any key press except <Esc> or <Alt>.  However, any mouse movement or mouse click will terminate it. This is to allow you to restart a quote, show the quote title, etc. 


Editing Quotes in MS Access

You may modify, delete, or add to the quotes in the VG Screen Saver quotes database VGScrSvr.MD3 by opening VGSSEdit.MD3 in MS Access 97 or later version of MS Access (don't convert this file to a later Access version or modify its structure in any way). Using VGSSEdit.MD3 allows all the searching, filtering, and querying capability inherent in MS Access and is therefore preferred if you have MS Access. 

Editing Quotes otherwise

If you do not have MS Access, you still have some editing capability of the quotes database using VGSSView.exe.  See the separate file VGSSView-Readme.TXT for more information on VGSSView.exe. Searching capability is much more limited in this program. 

Doing Backup While VG Screen Saver is Running

If the VG Screen Saver is running when you backup your files, say to a tape drive, your backup program will report that it could not backup one or two files ending in .tmp or .ldb. These are only temporary files used solely by the VG Screen Saver and there is no harm in having these excluded from the backup set. On occasion, a backup program will also report that it cannot backup the Workgroup Information File VGScrSvr.MDW. This file is never changed by VG Screen Saver and contains no user-customizable information.


The full VG Quotes Database VGQuotes.MD3 is a separately downloadable and independent file which can optionally be used with the VG Screen Saver—it is not part of the VG Screen Saver distribution package. This Quotes Database contains over 1100 aphorisms, maxims, proverbs, phrases, quotations, poems, speeches, noble and ignoble sentiments, prose selections, and other influential or noteworthy texts from our intellectual, literary, philosophical, political, historical, religious, and scientific heritage. The emphasis is on older citations, partly due to copyright restrictions as well as the personal tastes of the developer and Internet availability. 

Citations contained in the quotes database VGQuotes.MD3 are believed to have expired copyrights or to fall within allowable "fair use" limits. In some cases, the copyright status is not known to me and there is therefore a possibility of unintentional inclusion of copyrighted material. If you have responsibility for copyrighted material which you believe to have been inappropriately included or quoted at excessive length in the quotes database, please send notice to the address above and the citation in question will be modified or removed. The full VG Quotes Database VGQuotes.MD3 is made freely available without charge and is not for commercial use. It is not to be redistributed for profit. Many of its quotes have been compiled from the public domain and through the generosity of other Internet sources. To use VGQuotes.MD3 as the quotes database for VG Screen Saver, you may do the following:


To Uninstall VG Screen Saver


Files Included In The Screen Saver Distribution Package

(Listing does not include standard MS install, setup, and support files including the VB runtime file)

File Description
readme_vgscrsvr.html This file
VGSSView-Readme.TXT Readme file for VGSSView.exe
VG32.DLL Needed for certain features not available in VB
(this is automatically installed to the Windows system directory).
VGRegistry.DLL An ActiveX DLL that provides Windows Registry manipulation functions.  This is installed to the Windows system32 directory automatically.
VGScrSvr.MD3 The Quotes Database (initially essentially empty of quotes, see above)
VGScrSvr.MDW Dedicated Access 97 Workgroup Information File (or System DB)
(this supplies user name and password for the quotes database)
VGScrSvr.SCR The executable screen saver
(this is installed to the Windows System[32] directory automatically)
VGSSEdit.MD3 Use to edit the Quotes database
(provides full search and edit capability, requires Access97)
VGSSView.exe Quotes Database Viewer/Editor Program
(this has somewhat less editing capability than VGSSEdit.MD3, for users lacking MS Access)

Recommended File For Use With The VG Screen Saver:

VGQuotes.MD3+ The full VG Quotes Database (see above)


The current version of the screen saver program no longer has an expiration date, beginning with version 6.0.


VG Screen Saver is copyrighted 1997-2010 by Michael McGoodwin.  It is freeware—the user is welcome to use it without cost but may not charge to redistribute it.   You may not distribute any component of VG Screen Saver without distributing the entire installation package.   You may not alter VGScrSvr.SCR in any way and must acknowledge the origin of the program and provide all of its components including this file if you distribute it.  Suggestions and constructive comments would also be appreciated and can be sent to my email address listed on my web site.