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Computers (CHWEDES) Database Manual
by Michael McGoodwin


The Computers Database (CHWEDES DB) is an integrated self-contained Microsoft Access 2007 relational database application.  It facilitates storage and management of information about CHWEDES's, that is, Computer software and internal hardware configurations, HardWare External Devices, and External technical Services related to your information technology.  It may, for instance, be used for storing information about Internet Service Providers (ISP's), Cable modems, Web Hosting services, Network configurations, routers, printers and scanners, MIDI devices, and other gadgets interfaced with your computer systems, as well as information about each of those computers.


This is a copyrighted but open source project, and all source code and table and form properties are viewable and potentially revisable (with the exception of a required Access Library database).  Because the details of how this database operates are visible, you might find educational some of the extensive VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code and SQL queries that are included.  It is my hope that this application could be useful to persons hoping to learn more about programming in Access, including using Windows API calls and various DAO and SQL programming techniques.  I have attempted to ensure that the techniques employed are reasonably up-to-date and optimal, although there is surely always room for improvement.  And of course a few undiscovered bugs are to be expected.  Constructive feedback would be appreciated.  Send comments to MCM at McGoodwin period NET (please convert this spam averse address to standard format when using).


Preparation and Installing the Database

First time Operation and Use of the Main Menu

Form FPrograms

Other Forms



The Main Menu

Computers Database Screen Shot 1: The Main Menu  


Representative view of the primary form FPrograms, showing the 72nd of 164 Items for the Dell8300 computer.
The subform shows the 32nd of 33 Chronological Notes for this Item.

Computers Database Screen Shot 2: The Primary Form  


(These notes are of probably of interest only to the developer) 

5/7/98 v. 1.1 
Unable to make successful UNION query and form to combine all notes due to bugs in memo handling. Therefore created VB function to combine Notes for a given record. 

6/18/98 v. 1.2
Revised method of creating combined notes, now makes temporary table and adds all records to it, then does query on this table. (Union query does not handle memo fields!) .

7/14/98 v. 1.4
Made more generalized by specifying computer names, computer IDs, and startup computer in the table ComputerNames. Tried to remove all user/computer specific code. 

7/15/98 v. 1.5
Added GoBack feature 

7/15/98 v. 1.6
Improved Combined notes form, added ChronID Revised maximize access window 

9/17/98 v. 1.7
Substituted a combo box for option buttons Added New, Clone, Copy, and Paste record Tweaked all 

9/18/98 v. 2.0
Added New Computer Added Delete Computer 

9/24/98 v. 2.1
Will not attempt to show FPrograms form if no computers present. Can now paste to a non-blank record if user so opts. Fixed setting of newly created Table description. Automated selection of startup computer. Fixed inconsistency naming and setting relationships. Fixed Max = Null, etc. so can delete all computers 

12/19/98 v. 2.2
Tweaked prompts when attempting to paste to a non-blank record. Will not paste same data a second time Revised Notes colors for Computer 4.

1/11/1999 v. 2.3
Fixed Delete computer so that remaining computers are renumbered sequentially from 1. Also fixed problem when last computer is deleted

 5/19/99 v. 2.4
Minor improvements

8/1/2004 v. 2.4
Converted readme file readme_computersdb.txt to this HTML manual on this website.

9/6/2009 v. 4.4
Massive revisions now for Access 2007, changed to a split database, consolidates all Chron Notes and Programs tables into single tables respecitvely, uses an Access Library, and many additional functional enhancements.

9/7/2009 v. 4.5
Further tweaking of forms and VBA including union query.