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Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, 1480 (detail)
Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, 1480 (detail)

Many images included on this website are acknowledged on the page where they appear in highest resolution, and are generally not included on this page.  The following items appear on other pages but are explicitly acknowledged here.

Fine Art Images

Carol Gerten Fine Arts site
I am grateful to Carol Gerten for providing many of the images of art included on this site. Her CGFA website moves around may be Googled.

Some images have been color balanced and adjuted in white/black levels, and/or excerpted (especially for the thumbnails) to suit the particular needs of the page.  Images from the CGFA site that I have used include the following:

Art works obtained from other sites:
These have also been included as follows:

Clip Art, Photographs, and Other Graphics

Some clip art and photographs have been obtained from websites which are no longer in existence or for which I no longer have the hyperlink.  However, the following list states sources of images used where known: