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This is an automatically generated section listing all of the publicly viewable web pages on the McGoodwin website (HTML and PDF files) plus the output of certain script files (files with extensions such as ASP, PHP, etc.)   Certain directories with viewable webpages, such as SlideShows, are omitted from this listing for simplicity.  You may change the sort order by clicking on either "Web Page Folder and Name" or "Web Page Title".  Although the McGoodwin Family Website does not currently have a dedicated web page Search capability, you may use the web browser function "Find" (hotkey typically Ctrl-F) to search for a key word on this page.  Click on any file name or title to view that page.  See below for a listing of software and database downloads

Web Page Folder and Name Web Page Title
pages/otherbooks/ar_argonautica.html Apollonius of Rhodes Jason and the Golder Fleece (Argonautica) Summary
pages/otherbooks/lfa_anabasis.html Arrian Campaigns of Alexander (Anabasis) Summary
pages/aspectsofpoetry.html Aspects of Poetry
pages/atmscuw301.pdf Atmospheric Science Introduction
pages/otherbooks/ja_emma.html Austen (Jane) Emma Summary
pages/otherbooks/ja_persuasion.html Austen (Jane) Persuasion Summary
pages/otherbooks/ja_prideandprejudice.html Austen (Jane) Pride and Prejudice Summary
pages/otherbooks/ja_senseandsensibility.html Austen (Jane) Sense and Sensibility Summary
pages/beowulf.html Beowulf
pages/otherbooks/lb_overedgeworld.html Bergreen (Laurence) Over the Edge of the World Summary
pages/otherbooks/bible_historicalbooks.html Bible Historical Books of OT Summary
pages/otherbooks/bible_majorprophets.html Bible Major Prophets of OT Summary
pages/otherbooks/bible_minorprophets.html Bible Minor Prophets of OT Summary
pages/otherbooks/biblent.html Bible New Testament Summary
pages/otherbooks/bibleot.html Bible Old Testament Summary
pages/otherbooks/bible_pentateuch.html Bible Pentateuch (Torah) of OT Summary
pages/otherbooks/bible_wisdomwritings.html Bible Wisdom Writings of OT Summary
pages/uwfabcbooks.pdf Books Selected By UWFA Couples Book Club
pages/otherbooks/cb_janeeyre.html Bronte (Charlotte) Jane Eyre Summary
pages/otherbooks/lrb_planb.html Brown (Lester R.) Plan B Summary
pages/otherbooks/rab_tree.html Brown (R. A.) The Tree and the Panzaic Plea Review
pages/otherbooks/asb_possession.html Byatt (A. S.) Possession Summary
pages/otherbooks/lb_donjuan.html Byron (Lord) Don Juan Summary
pages/otherbooks/jc_civilwar.html Caesar (Julius) Civil War Summary
pages/otherbooks/lc_alice.html Carroll (Lewis) Alice's Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass Summary
pages/otherbooks/mc_donquixote.html Cervantes (Miguel) Don Quixote Summary
pages/otherbooks/ct_perceval.html Chrétien de Troyes (Chretien) Perceval Summary
pages/crm.html Christie McGoodwin Cheung and Kong Cheung Home Page
pages/computersdb_manual.html Computers Database (Computers.MD3) Manual
pages/otherbooks/jc_lordjim.html Conrad (Joseph) Lord Jim Summary
pages/otherbooks/da_inferno.html Dante Inferno Summary
pages/ancestors.html Deceased Ancestors and Kin of Michael and Rebecca McGoodwin
pages/gungermsteel.html Diamond (Jared) Guns Germs and Steel Summary
pages/otherbooks/cd_bleakhouse.html Dickens (Charles) Bleak House Summary
pages/otherbooks/cd_tale2cities.html Dickens (Charles) Tale of Two Cities Summary
pages/otherbooks/fd_crimeandpunishment.html Dostoevski (Fyodor) Crime and Punishment Summary
pages/otherbooks/rd_endbrozeage.html Drews (Robert) End of Bronze Age Summary
pages/otherbooks/ge_silasmarner.html Eliot (George) Silas Marnner Summary
pages/otherbooks/fsf_greatgatsby.html Fitzgerald (F. Scott) Great Gatsby Summary
pages/otherbooks/fsf_tendernight.html Fitzgerald (F. Scott) Tender Is The Night Summary
pages/otherbooks/gf_madamebovary.html Flaubert (Gustave) Madame Bovary Summary
pages/geobiologyess313.pdf Geobiology Summary
pages/geologicaltimeess461.pdf Geological Time (Geochronology) Summary
pages/otherbooks/eg_declinefall.html Gibbon (Edward) History of Decline and Fall of Roman Empire Summary
pages/otherbooks/gilgamesh.html Gilgamesh Summary
pages/otherbooks/jg_chaos.html Gleick (James) Chaos Summary
pages/otherbooks/jg_werther.html Goethe (Johann W.) The Sorrows of Young Werther Summary
pages/elegantuniverse.html Greene (Brian) Elegant Universe Summary
pages/otherbooks/dg_snowcedars.html Guterson (David) Snow Falling On Cedars Summary
pages/otherbooks/th_farfrommaddingcrowd.html Hardy (Thomas) Far from the Madding Crowd Summary
pages/otherbooks/th_judeobscure.html Hardy (Thomas) Jude the Obscure Summary
pages/otherbooks/wh_marsguide.html Hartmann (William K.) A Traveler's Guide to Mars Summary
pages/otherbooks/eh_moveablefeast.html Hemingway (Ernest) Moveable Feast Summary
pages/otherbooks/eh_sunalsorises.html Hemingway (Ernest) Sun Also Rises Summary
pages/otherbooks/herodotus.html Herodotus The History Summary
pages/pmc_rn_cv_exams.html History of Cardiovascular Nuclear Medicine Procedures at PMC
imageindex.asp Image Index for the McGoodwin Family Website
pages/otherbooks/hj_wingsdove.html James (Henry) Wings of the Dove Summary
pages/otherbooks/fv_jewishwar.html Josephus (Flavius) Jewish War Summary
julia/juliajewels.html Julia Sets
julia/workscited.html Julia Sets Works Cited
pages/koranislam.html Koran and Islam
pages/korantenets.html Koran Tenets
pages/otherbooks/tlc_rerumnatura.html Lucretius De Rerum Natura Summary
pages/otherbooks/nm_longwalk.html Mandela (Nelson) Long Walk to Freedom Summary
pages/otherbooks/tm_buddenbrooks.html Mann (Thomas) Buddenbrooks Summary
pages/otherbooks/ggm_lovecholera.html Marquez (Gabriel G.) Love In The Time Of Cholera Summary
pages/otherbooks/sm_glassroom.html Mawer (Simon) The Glass Room Summary
pages/otherbooks/dm_johnadams.html McCullough (David) John Adams Summary
pages/ciwf.html McGoodwin (James R.) Crisis in the World's Fisheries Summary
index.html McGoodwin Family Website Home Page
pages/mcmavdb.html McGoodwin Music Database
pages/mcmavdb_manual.html McGoodwin Music Database Manual
pages/mcmavdb_extantworks.html McGoodwin Music Database: Listing of Extant Works
pages/photogallerytoc.html McGoodwin Original Photo and Art Gallery Gateway
pages/acknowledgments.html McGoodwin Website Acknowledgments
pages/security.html McGoodwin Website Information: Technical, Security/Privacy, and Miscellaneous
pages/medrefs.html MedRefs and the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Database
pages/medrefs2k.html MedRefs for Access 2000/2K
pages/medrefs_manual.html MedRefs Medical References Management Database Manual
pages/otherbooks/hm_billybudd.html Melville (Herman) Billy Budd Summary
pages/mcgfam.html Michael and Rebecca McGoodwin Family
pages/mcm_computer.html Michael McGoodwin Computer-related Experience
pages/mcm.html Michael McGoodwin Home Page
pages/otherbooks/jm_paradiselost.html Milton (John) Paradise Lost Summary
pages/otherbooks/ap_subtlelord.html Pais (Abraham): Einstein--Subtle is the Lord Summary
pages/extfam.html Photos of the Extended Families of Michael and Rebecca McGoodwin
pages/plantphysuw425.pdf Physiology Of Higher Plants Summary
pages/plantslist1.pdf Plants List 1
pages/plantslist2.pdf Plants List 2
pages/otherbooks/plato.html Plato Dialogs (Dialogues) Summary
digitalaudio/digitalaudio.html Pohlmann (Ken) Principles of Digital Audio Summary
pages/ppatch.html P-Patch Vegetable Gardening For Fun and Profit
pages/webdev.html Programming: Public Test Page for Web Development
pages/vg32declbas.html Programming: VG32.DLL Declare Statements for Function and Sub procedures
pages/rcm.html Rebecca McGoodwin Home Page
pages/relativityprimer.html Relativity: Some Concepts and Physics
pages/otherbooks/rr_darksun.html Rhodes (Richard) Dark Sun Summary
pages/otherbooks/mr_redqueen.html Ridley (Matt) The Red Queen Summary
pages/otherbooks/was_waverley.html Scott (Walter) Waverley Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_midsummernightsdream.html Shakespeare A Midsummer Night's Dream Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_antonycleopatra.html Shakespeare Antony Cleopatra Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_asyoulikeit.html Shakespeare As You Like It Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_coriolanus.html Shakespeare Coriolanus Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_cymbeline.html Shakespeare Cymbeline Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_hamlet.html Shakespeare Hamlet Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_henry8.html Shakespeare Henry Eighth 8th Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_henry5.html Shakespeare Henry Fifth 5th Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_henry4_1.html Shakespeare Henry Fourth 4th Part I Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_henry4_2.html Shakespeare Henry Fourth 4th Part II Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_henry6_1.html Shakespeare Henry Sixth 6th Part I Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_henry6_2.html Shakespeare Henry Sixth 6th Part II Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_henry6_3.html Shakespeare Henry Sixth 6th Part III Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_juliuscaesar.html Shakespeare Julius Caesar Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_kingjohn.html Shakespeare King John Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_kinglear.html Shakespeare King Lear Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_richard2.html Shakespeare King Richard 2nd II Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_richard3.html Shakespeare King Richard 3rd III Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_loverscomplaint.html Shakespeare Lover's Complaint Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_loveslaborslost.html Shakespeare Love's Labor's Lost Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_macbeth.html Shakespeare Macbeth Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_measureformeasure.html Shakespeare Measure for Measure Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_merchantofvenice.html Shakespeare Merchant of Venice Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_merrywiveswindsor.html Shakespeare Merry Wives of Windsor Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_muchadoaboutnothing.html Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_othello.html Shakespeare Othello Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_pericles.html Shakespeare Pericles Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_phoenixandturtle.html Shakespeare Phoenix and Turtle Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_rapeoflucrece.html Shakespeare Rape of Lucrece Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_romeoandjuliet.html Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_sonnets.html Shakespeare Sonnets Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_tamingshrew.html Shakespeare Taming of the Shrew Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_tempest.html Shakespeare Tempest Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_comedyerrors.html Shakespeare The Comedy of Errors Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_timonathens.html Shakespeare Timon of Athens Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_titusandronicus.html Shakespeare Titus Andronicus Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_troiluscressida.html Shakespeare Troilus and Cressida Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_twelfthnight.html Shakespeare Twelfth Night or What You Will Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_twogentlemenverona.html Shakespeare Two Gentlemen of Verona Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_venusadonis.html Shakespeare Venus and Adonis Summary
pages/otherbooks/ws_winterstale.html Shakespeare Winter's Tale Summary
sitemap.asp Site Map for the McGoodwin Family Website
pages/otherbooks/ds_galileodaughter.html Sobel (Dava) Galileo's Daughter Summary
pages/spacephysics_ess471.pdf Space Physics Introduction Summary
pages/astrophysics_2012.pdf Stars, Galaxies, and Beyond (Astronomy and Astrophysics)
pages/bookstoc.html Summaries, Commentaries, and Original Articles on Selected Books, Plays, Poems, and Other Topics
pages/otherbooks/1001nights.html Tales from the Thousand And One Nights Summary (The Arabian Nights; 1001 Nights)
pages/otherbooks/tt_jerusalemdelivered.html Tasso (Torquato) Jerusalem Delivered Summary
pages/thedogs.pdf The Dogs by Aristophanes (translated fragment)
pages/toolsasclepius.pdf Tools Of Asclepius (Review of Surgical Instruments In Greek And Roman Times)
pages/otherbooks/mt_huckfinn.html Twain (Mark) Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Summary
pages/vgarchdir_manual.html VG Archive Directory Program Manual
pages/readme_vgscrsvr.html VG Screen Saver Program Manual
pages/vgprogs.html VG/McGoodwin Computer Programs and Databases
pages/readme_vgclean.html VGClean Program Manual
pages/readme_vgshowfqfs.html VgShowFQFS Program Manual
pages/readme_vgxcopy.html VgXCopy Program Manual
pages/otherbooks/pvm_aeneid.html Virgil (Vergil) The Aeneid Summary
pages/wlm.html Wendy McGoodwin Home Page
pages/otherbooks/eow_humannature.html Wilson (Edward) On Human Nature Summary
pages/otherbooks/we_parzival.html Wolfram von Eschenbach Parzival (Parsifal) Summary

Software and Databases Available for Download

This section lists major McGoodwin/VG software and database files available on this website for download (files with extensions of EXE and ZIP)

Software or Database File Description
cfsfmna.exe CFS and Fibromyalgia Database Install Package (for use with Medrefs)
cfsfmna.txt CFS and Fibromyalgia Database (viewable text version) Computers Database of Software and Hardware Configurations Install Package McGoodwin Music and AudioVisual Database Install Package
medrfs32.exe MedRefs Medical References Database Management Program Install Package
vg32dll.exe VG32.DLL Dynamic Link Library Install Package (for software development)
vgadinst.exe VG Archive Directory File Utility Program Install Package
vgclinst.exe VG Clean File Utility Program Install Package
vgquotes.exe VG Quotes Database Install Package
vgsfinst.exe VG Select File Utility Program Install Package VG Show Fully Qualified File Name Utility Program Install Package
vgssinst.exe VG Screen Saver Program Install Package
vgxcinst.exe VG XCopy FIle Utility Program Install Package